HK Newspaper Apple Daily closed by authorities

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Thursday 24.06 Marks the end of an era of 25 years for a little paper that could. In it's final edition it is expected that 1 Million readers will buy copies of the paper many more will read on-line.

Founded in 1995 by Jimmy Lai and owned by Next Digital, another office raid and more arrests were just too much for the company.

In it's epitaph written by staff was a thank you that read "Thank you to all readers, subscribers, ad clients, and Hong Kongers, for 26 years of love & support.

As another light goes out in Hong Kong, the city is poorer losing a world renowned newspaper.


How-to avoid narcissistic women as spouses.

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"(Internationally) Nearly 5% of women are Narcissists" - US National Institute of Health.

Recommendation to wealthy men when choosing a spouse. Wealthy, because these women target wealthy men, never the poor. Narcissism, may be more prominent in women than you expect. The need for attention, the belief they are superior to men. The raising of ineffectual and effeminate children as solo parents. These are the three main things as a man to avoid a woman with these traits in courting a woman, in order to maintain a happy life.

Questions you should ask to identify if the lady is a narcissist: A. Is the Mother single? If so avoid the daughter. B. Is the family welcoming when you visit (unselfish), with food and at-least water or are they lazy? If selfish avoid. C. Do either women light up to over the top flattery - candidate for narcissism avoid. D. Is the Mother/Daughter modern i.e. oral contraceptives? If so Avoid. E. The most important factor don't let their dna spread, let them stay single and grow old as spinsters!!!

For these women are not worth the pursuit for they already caught you, the question is can you escape?

This list is by no means comprehensive but my warning to you friend to avoid these women at all costs, for they will be the ruin of you!!!

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Empathy and Ethics Classes the way of the future?

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A call to teach Empathy and Ethics at school for all levels in education.

Here's why, children are not destined to become criminals.

Yet a growing segment of society are spawning future generations of criminals. Not to mention each raised offender can begat more offenders.

Why is that? Factors can include child abandonement which can correlate to low IQ in the child, abuse across the spectrum and ranging from mild to severe. Poor education and poverty, plus genetic factors can come in to play.

How can this be remedied? I advocate that Empathy and Ethics these worthy paradigms be taught in schools from the very young to University entrants as a possible band-aid to society's malaise.

Here's another why: With a growing secular base in this country it is becoming more common for families to "fall off the wagon" due to moral ills, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling etc etc it becomes easier for people to become survivalists and passive aggressive and all the nasty varieties of humanity's rainbow.

  • Not to mention children that grasp empathy know when abuse is happening in their own lives.

  • If it is no longer being found by religion, the state has to pick up the pieces or suffer greater moral decay and point the masses in the right direction, hopefully back to religion.

  • Adults that grasp empathy, too understand the costs of a selfish lifestyle, abusing, drinking, drugs, isolating another parent, etc. etc.

enter image description here Where did this lady learn to show empathy?...

enter image description here ... and this monster not?

Was Mother Teresa greedy charging 120,000 rupees ($1,760) per child?

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Mother Teresa 26 August 1910 - 5 September 1997 Born: Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu Was a big player adopting out children in India and according to one source charged 120,000 INR ($1,760) ( for each child she adopted out. Was the fee exorbitant? When a Lawyer makes about INR60,000 per year in India. It is a lot but not without good reason. Here's why:

When a child is worthless, in some parts of the world, when children are not fed, clothed, housed, nor loved. Life is cheap. What's the solution? Give value to a child, make any prospective parent think twice about neglecting or not caring for the child they are adopting, let alone loving the child.

So was Mother Teresa greedy? No, were her prices high yes, but not without good reason.

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Immuring the Sino-Princess

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Auckland, PIO News Service

Cast your mind back to Bram Stoker's rendition of the story Dracula and his hand maiden, who was based on the tale of a Romanian Princess who bathed in the blood of initiates that she had murdered to stay beautiful.

Not only did she bathe in blood but she inbibed their blood also. Flash forward to present day, there is a new life blood, known as money. The CCP with their unsavory and dis-reputable trade practices sucked the world's life blood, created a pandemic with their partner the Russians.

How was the princess tamed? She was tried, found guilty and immured, a wall was laid all around her as high as a tower and the Princess was fed through a gap in the wall. Eventually dying. Now the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and many other allies are slowly creating travel bubbles to immure the Sino-Princess, to teach her a lesson history will remember even if the CCP will never learn.
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Attention all women and their spouses

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Attention all Women!

Wellington, PIO NEWS Service

Were you prescribe the Oral Contraceptive with Estrogen? Or were using the pill from 1961 - 2012? Did you have an adverse reaction from said "pill" but find it difficult to talk?

Contact Us at with your story. We guarantee anonymity if so desired.

A sizeable compensation payout may be offered from the drug company at the conclusion of this process.

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Call to ban after market respray products in NZ

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Auckland, PIO NEWS Service

A call has made to ban aftermarket re-spray products in New Zealand from retail sale. after their use in the crime of auto-theft has been highlighted.

Often cars of a light colour, or shade of grey, stolen sometimes to order are resprayed in a matte-black or other finish to hide their illicit origins.

While purchase of this paint is restricted with id required in aftermarket parts departments in New Zealand.

There is no restriction of said purchase online from country's such as Australia.

We are of the opinion, that changing a vehicle's colour should be restricted to those that are Panel Beaters and other Automotive Industry related organizations. For not only the reason of crime prevention, but the environmental, and health hazard these products can cause.

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Who's bigger than the President?

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Washington DC, Reuters Air Force One Subcontractor GDC countersues Boeing for work cancelled on the US Presidential aircraft. The claim is for $20 million dollars. I believe there is more to this story than meets the eye but I am not at liberty to disclose at this time. However when serving the President a degree of maturity is required rather than to sue a stalwart vendor. Especially when there are plenty of other companies that are capable of doing the work in the US, for the whole story watch this space.

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Former Prime Minister Netanyahu's Security increased

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In a revision of security for former Prime Minister Netanyahu. An additional unit of protective squad have been allocated. In this writer's opinion this is what befits a man who has served his country so loyally for so many years. With the addition of so many men around the household Mrs Netanyahu will not know what to do.

What's next for Bibi Netanyahu? Who knows but whatever it is we wish him well for the future. enter image description here

James Gorman on the ball at Morgan Stanley

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With the recent failure of Chinese firm Archgeos, evasive maneuvers had to be taken by Morgan Stanley Chairman and Chief Executive James Gorman, in the nick of time saving the company Billions. Credit Suisse and Nomura were not as lucky costing $6Billion between them.

A number of players with knowledge got out early, a case could be made that the losses be spread equally by all those who had a relationship with Archegos past and present.

Inspite of this hiccup, James Gorman and the team at Morgan Stanley turned in a wail (I mean eye watering) profit up 150% on first quarter 2021.

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