Avoid Narcissistic Women as spouses

Recommendation to wealthy men when choosing a spouse. Narcissism, may be more prominent in women than you expect. The need for attention, the belief they are superior to men. The raising of ineffectual and effeminate children as solo parents. These are the three things as a man to avoid a woman with these traits in courting a woman.

A. Is the Mother single? If so avoid. B. Is the family welcoming when you visit, with food and at-least water or are they lazy (unselfish) if so selfish avoid? C. Do either women light up to over the top flattery - candidate for narcissism avoid. D. Is the Mother/Daughter modern i.e. oral contraceptives? If so Avoid. E. The most important factor don't let their dna spread, let them stay single and grow old as spinsters!!! They are not worth the pursuit for they already caught you, the question is can you escape??? This list is by no means comprehensive but my warning to you to avoid these women at all costs, for they will be the ruin of you!!!

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