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Call to ban after market respray products in NZ

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Auckland, PIO NEWS Service

A call has made to ban aftermarket re-spray products in New Zealand from retail sale. after their use in the crime of auto-theft has been highlighted.

Often cars of a light colour, or shade of grey, stolen sometimes to order are resprayed in a matte-black or other finish to hide their illicit origins.

While purchase of this paint is restricted with id required in aftermarket parts departments in New Zealand.

There is no restriction of said purchase online from country's such as Australia.

We are of the opinion, that changing a vehicle's colour should be restricted to those that are Panel Beaters and other Automotive Industry related organizations. For not only the reason of crime prevention, but the environmental, and health hazard these products can cause.

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James Gorman on the ball at Morgan Stanley

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With the recent failure of Chinese firm Archgeos, evasive maneuvers had to be taken by Morgan Stanley Chairman and Chief Executive James Gorman, in the nick of time saving the company Billions. Credit Suisse and Nomura were not as lucky costing $6Billion between them.

A number of players with knowledge got out early, a case could be made that the losses be spread equally by all those who had a relationship with Archegos past and present.

Inspite of this hiccup, James Gorman and the team at Morgan Stanley turned in a wail (I mean eye watering) profit up 150% on first quarter 2021.

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Businessman Jack Ma MIA in China

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Businessman and philanthropist Jack Ma, is missing in China. The Billionaire businessman, it is believed has fallen afoul of the Beijing authorities, yet again. It's widely believed he may have been in trouble for alleged tax evasion. Which is a capital offence in China. An international appeal has begun, to free the Chinese Businessman. Jack Ma is 56, it is hoped Presiden Xi will free Mr Ma soon.

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