Immuring the Sino-Princess

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Auckland, PIO News Service

Cast your mind back to Bram Stoker's rendition of the story Dracula and his hand maiden, who was based on the tale of a Romanian Princess who bathed in the blood of initiates that she had murdered to stay beautiful.

Not only did she bathe in blood but she inbibed their blood also. Flash forward to present day, there is a new life blood, known as money. The CCP with their unsavory and dis-reputable trade practices sucked the world's life blood, created a pandemic with their partner the Russians.

How was the princess tamed? She was tried, found guilty and immured, a wall was laid all around her as high as a tower and the Princess was fed through a gap in the wall. Eventually dying. Now the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and many other allies are slowly creating travel bubbles to immure the Sino-Princess, to teach her a lesson history will remember even if the CCP will never learn.
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